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Heidi Hennessy

The rhythm of knitting, like waves gently crashing on the shore, is a reminder to slow down and breathe in the peaceful moment.

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As an artist and business owner, I'm dedicated to enriching maker's lives with the beauty of cashmere. My vision is to put luxury yarn into the hands of creative makers. Knitting with cashmere is a celebration of warmth, artistry and craftsmanship, designed to elevate your wardrobe through every stitch. I'm glad you're here!

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                                                      Yarn gives you the feeling of a laid back beach vacation. Each luxuriously soft skein is an invitation to craft your own piece of the tranquil and picturesque coast, as you’re wrapped in the memories of salty breezes and the lull of waves.

Coastal Cashmere


The Cashmere Story

Coastal Cashmere begins its journey in the vast Gobi Desert, a landscape cherished by the resilient cashmere goats that yield this sumptuous fiber. From the rugged expanse of the desert, the raw cashmere travels to a storied mill nestled in the Scottish heartlands. Here, the legacy of textile artisanship, coupled with Scotland’s crystal-clear waters, enhances the yarn’s plush texture and lustrous finish. Finally, the yarn arrives at my studio, where it is skillfully plied and skeined. Each skein is meticulously labeled and packaged, ready to be cherished by discerning crafters in our vibrant fiber community.

Scottish Milling: The cashmere fiber I use for Coastal Cashmere is milled in the heart of Scotland, harnessing centuries-old techniques to create a product that is rich in history and quality 

Luxurious Softness: Cashmere is chosen for its ultra-fine fibers, resulting in a yarn that is incomparably soft to the touch, ideal for creations that will feel soft and cozy next to your skin.

Cashmere Is For Everyone: Cashmere is naturally hypo-allergenic which is a gift for those with sensitive skin. As a fabric, it is lightweight and breathable and a natural body temperature regulator, making it perfect for all ages, especially babies!

Eco-Conscious Milling: In collaboration with the Scottish mill, I am dedicated to eco-friendly practices that honor traditional craftsmanship while protecting Scotland’s pristine natural beauty.

Innovative Cable Ply: Employing an innovative cable-plying method, I transform delicate fibers into robust yarn that knits beautifully into durable, pill-resistant fabric that’s both indulgent and machine washable.

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